Moderate Self Registered Accounts

Self registration allows users to request or create Shares user accounts. For more information on how to enable self registration, see Configuring System Settings.

If self registration is enabled, the login page displays a Request an Account link that leads to a self registration form. When a user submits this form and self registration is moderated, Self Registration under the Accounts header on the Admin page turns red with the number of requests listed in parentheses and admins get an email notification.

By default, admins receive email notifications for new self registration request. Admins can configure whether they receive email notifications for new self registration request in their personal preferences (see Configure User Preferences). To change the global default setting, see Configure Email Settings.

Click Self Registration to see the list of unprocessed requests. Select a user or all users in the list and click Approve, Deny, or Delete.

You can search accounts by their status by entering New, Approved, or Denied in the Statuses field.