Authorizing Users to a Share

You can only authorize users to a share if you are a manager of that share. For an overview on user roles and authorizations, see Understanding User Roles and Share Authorization.

  1. From your home page, click a share's drop-down menu, and select Authorizations.
  2. Click Authorize User, Authorize Group, or Authorize Directory.
  3. For users and groups, enter a user or group name and click Search Users or Search Groups.
    The search functions as it does for searching shares and nodes. For more information on searching, see Searching Shares.
  4. Click Add next to the user, group, or directory.
  5. Select permissions for the user, group, or directory.
    Permission Description
    Manage Select manage to make the user a manager of the share. For more information about managers, see Understanding User Roles and Share Authorization.
    Browse Select browse to give the user permission to browse the node.
    Transfer Select download and upload to give the user download and upload permissions.
    Note: Users with upload permissions can upload directories even if they are not permitted to create directories (mkdir is not selected).
    File Operations Select mkdir, delete, and rename to make changes to the files on the node.
    Notifications Select content availability for Shares to send email notifications to the user whenever new content is available.
    The default permission is browse. If a user does not have the browse or upload permissions, the user can only access Shares functions if the user has been made an API user.
  6. Click Update to save your changes.
  7. Remove all authorization for a user, group, or directory by clicking Remove.