Admin user

An admin account on the Shares server that can be used in the Shares web app to add and configure users, groups, directory services, nodes, and shares.

Aspera Service Account

In Windows, an admin account that Shares uses to run Aspera services. Admins never need to log in using the Aspera Service account unless it is assigned to an existing account during installation.


A transfer server that has been configured to support the IBM Aspera Node API, enabling transfers through Aspera web applications including Shares, Files, and Faspex.

Node API

A daemon that provides a single REST-inspired interface for file browsing, management, and transfers.

Node API username and password

Credentials used by the Aspera web application to authenticate to a remote node and generate token authorization for transfers between the Aspera web application user's machine and the remote node.


A file or directory with which users, groups, and directories have conditional authorization to interact (browse, upload to, download from, rename).


An IBM Aspera web application that enables companies to conditionally view and share files and directories of any size within their organization or with external customers and partners.

Shares user account

The account with which a user logs into the Shares web application.

System user account

On a node, a designated account (not belonging to a Shares user) that can be configured as a transfer user.

Transfer server

Any machine running Aspera transfer server software, such as Enterprise or Connect Server.

Transfer user account

On a node, a system account that is configured with a Node API username and password, and that is set up as a user in the transfer application. This account is used to authorize and manage transfers initiated by Aspera web application users between their machines and the node.