IBM Aspera Shares is a web application that enables companies to share content in the form of files and directories of any size within their organization or with external customers and partners. Shares is powered by IBM Aspera Enterprise Server, which features the Aspera Node API, a daemon providing REST-enabled file operations and a transfer management API.


  • Intuitive Shares web interface provides secure access to a consolidated, location independent view of all content to which a user is authorized.
  • The administrator role has complete control over user, group, and directory service access to content and can define granular permission settings over all end-user operations such as browsing, uploading, downloading, making new directories, renaming or deleting files and directories
  • Transfers initiated through the Shares web interface are managed by the Aspera Connect Plug-in — users do not need to have a native client application installed.
  • Transfers are powered by Aspera's unique FASP protocol. Attachments are sent securely at high speed, regardless of file size, distance, or network.


You can deploy Shares in the following ways:


With Shares you can perform the following tasks: