Installing the Aspera CLI

  1. Download the Aspera CLI package from the Aspera website.
  2. Run the installation script:
    $ sh 
    The script places the Aspera CLI in the $HOME/Applications/Aspera CLI directory.
    Note: If you have a previous installation of the Aspera CLI, note that the default installation directory may have changed.
  3. Install the Aspera CLI in your PATH. Run the following command:
    $ export PATH=~/Applications/Aspera\ CLI/bin:$PATH
  4. [Optional] To install the man pages, run the following command:
    $ export MANPATH=~/Applications/Aspera\ CLI/share/man:$MANPATH

About Your Installation

Your Aspera CLI installation is a per-user, local installation. The CLI can be run by the computer where it is installed. It is not a system-wide installation.