The IBM Aspera Command-Line Interface (the Aspera CLI) is a collection of Aspera tools for performing high-speed, secure data transfers from the command line. The Aspera CLI is for users and organizations who want to automate their transfer workflows.

The Aspera CLI is comprised of three command-line programs:
aspera The aspera executable is a command-line client for performing transfers with Aspera on Cloud, Aspera Faspex, and Aspera Shares transfer servers.

For further information on the aspera program, see aspera: The Command-Line Transfer Client

ascp The ascp executable is a command-line FASP transfer program.

For information on the ascp program, see ascp: Transferring from the Command Line with ascp

Note: Ascp is not for use with Aspera on Cloud.
ascp4 ascp4, or A4, is a FASP transfer program similar to ascp that has been optimized for sending large sets of individual files and can support UDP multicast through Aspera FASPStream.

For information on A4, see ascp4: Transferring from the Command Line with Ascp4.

Note: Ascp4 is not for use with Aspera on Cloud.