Ascp 4 Examples

The command options for ascp4 are generally similar to those for ascp. The following examples demonstrate options that are unique to Ascp 4. These options enable reading management commands and enable read/write concurrency.

For Ascp examples, see Ascp Command Reference and Ascp Transfers with Object Storage and HDFS. See Comparison of Ascp and Ascp 4 Options for differences in option availability and behavior.

  • Read FASP4 management commands

    Read management commands V4 from management port 5000 and execute the management commands. The management commands version 4 are PUT, WRITE and CLOSE.

    > ascp4 -L /tmp/client-logs -R /tmp/server-logs --faspmgr-io -M 5000 localhost:/tmp
  • Increase concurrency

    The following command runs ascp4 with two scan threads and eight read threads on the client, and eight meta threads and 16 write threads on the server.

    > ascp4 -L /tmp/logs -R /tmp/logs -l1g --scan-threads=2 --read-threads=8 --write-threads=16 --meta-threads=8  /data/100K aspera@