Configuring Custom User Fields

Admins can create additional custom fields for a user to fill out when creating a new IBM Aspera Faspex user. Custom fields can be required or optional. You can view information gathered by these custom fields on the Accounts page and you can use these fields to sort and filter user accounts. Custom fields are also used to configure SAML. For more information on SAML, see Working with SAML.
Note: Custom user fields do not apply to Directory Service users.
  1. To create custom fields, go to Server > User Profile.
  2. Click the Add User Profile Field button to create additional custom fields to a maximum of five fields.
  3. Configure the custom field. The following section describes configuration options for a custom field:
    Configuration Option Description
    Enabled Select this box to enable or disable the custom field. (Fields are enabled by default.)
    Name Enter the desired name of your custom field into the text box. This field applies to Local users.
    Required Require new users to fill out the field. Clearing the box makes the field optional. (Fields are required by default.)
    Click the button to delete a field. Faspex opens a pop-up that prompts you to confirm by clicking OK to delete the field.
    Note: Deleting a field permanently deletes the custom field and all its data from all existing users.
  4. Click Save Fields.
To view your custom fields, go to Accounts. Click the Toggle Columns button and select the fields you want displayed.