Account Credentials

This section explains how to set up an account in the Aspera Add-in using your Faspex credentials. Note that you can configure more than one Faspex account, and you can identify the default account for all new emails.

Before you begin, have in hand your Faspex account details, including your Faspex URL (which is based on a domain name or IP address), username, and password.

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, select Aspera Transfer Settings > Aspera Add-In Options.
    Figure 1. Outlook 2007

    Figure 2. Outlook 2010

    The Aspera Add-in Options window opens, displaying the Account credentials tab.

  2. To add a Faspex account, click Add.
    The New Account Setup dialog appears.

  3. Enter Description and Aspera service provider, and click Verify.
    Note: In the Aspera service provider field, enter the full web address of your Faspex transfer server (for example: or The address must include http:// or https://.
    The Aspera Add-in checks your Faspex transfer server to see what kind of authentication it uses.
  4. Specify your the authentication for this account:
    • If your server uses local accounts only, Local account is selected. Enter your login name (Faspex username) and password.
    • If your server is configured to use SAML authentication, select either
      • Local account and enter your login name (Faspex username) and password


      • SAML account
  5. Click OK to finish adding this account.
    When you click OK, the Aspera Add-in attempts to validate your account information. If your credentials are incorrect or if you are not connected to the Internet, the Aspera Add-in displays an error message. Once your account has been validated, it is listed in the Aspera Faspex Accounts list.
  6. If you need to change the account information, select the account in the Aspera Faspex Accounts list, edit the fields in the Account credentials tab, and click Apply.