Importing Directory Service Groups

  1. Find your directory service (DS) group.
    From the Admin page, you can search for your DS group from the Accounts page or from the Directories page:
    • Search by name: Click Accounts > Groups > Search. Type the group name or at least two characters of the group name and click Search. A list of groups that match the characters appears.
    • Select from a list: Click Directories. Click Edit for the corresponding directory and click the Groups tabs.
    Note: If the number of records exceeds the limit for displaying a list in Shares, Shares displays the following message: "This directory has too many groups to show all at once." Enter a minimum of two characters in the search box to search for your group by name.
  2. Click Edit for the corresponding group to import the group and edit the group’s profile. For details on how to edit a group’s profile, see Configure DS Users and Groups.