Configure DS Users and Groups

You can access and edit athe settings and activity logs of directory service users and groups by selecting Accounts > Users or Accounts > Groups from the Admin page and clicking Edit.

Tab Description
Detail View the user or group name, modify the directory, or delete the user or group from Shares.
Member of Displays all groups to which the DS user or group belongs. If the number of groups exceeds 100, a search facility is opened.

A group's Edit link takes you to a DS group's configuration page. For details on modifying DS group settings, see Importing Directory Service Groups.

Members (groups only) Displays the group's DS members and enables you to edit corresponding DS user settings. For details on editing DS user settings, see Importing Directory Service Users.
Security For users and groups:
  • Allow the user or all users in the group to log into Shares.
  • Authorize the user or all users in the group with Administrator permissions.
For users:
  • Disable the user's account. The user is unable to log into Shares even if the user belongs to a group or directory that has access permissions.
  • Allow the user to log into the API. Users who do not have Browse permissions, can still log into the API and perform transfer and file operations.
  • Set an account expiration date.
Shares Displays all shares for which the user or group has authorization. For more information on authorizations, see Authorizing Users to a Share. If a user belongs to a DS group, and the group has access to a share, that share is listed because permission to access the share is inherited from the group. The same is true if the entire directory has access to this share. To edit these permissions or disallow the user or group access to a share, click Edit.

To authorize new shares for the DS user or group, click Add Share. A list of shares appears. Click Authorize to authorize a share.

Select permissions that the DS user or group has for the share. The default permission is browse. If browse is not selected, the DS user or group members are only able to access functions if they has been made API users. To edit these permissions or disallow the DS user or group access to the share, click Edit.

After modifying the settings, click Update. You may disallow access to this share by clicking Delete.

Preferences (users only) Select a timezone and add any comments.
Transfer Settings The user's default transfer settings are those of the node where the share is located. To override these defaults, click Override these settings and configure the transfer settings. For more information, see Configuring Transfer Settings.
Activity View and search for Shares activities by a specific user.