Managing Home Shares

A Home Share is a private, empty share directory which is automatically created for new users when they first log into Shares (if Home Shares are enabled). Users can authorize other users to access their Home Share.

You can choose which node to use for Home Shares. A new directory is created on the node, and a share is added to the user’s account. The user’s username is used for both the directory and share name.

Home Shares are treated like regular shares by the application. Therefore, you can choose to authorize additional users to these shares or remove them individually after the initial creation.

When you log in, you can see all the Home Shares. For instructions on enabling Home Shares, see Enabling Home Shares.

Note: If Home Share creation fails when a user first logs in, an error is logged to the activity log. The next time the user logs in, Shares tries to create the Home Share again.